Morning blog video! 

Good morning to all my blog family 🏞 I have recorded a quick 60 second video with a question for you all. Id love your feedback 🙂 Would you love video on my blog? Video blogs?/ can you see the video well? 👻 ​​ -signing off for now 🙂  Advertisements

You are worthy. 

Trigger Warning: this post talks about depression, suicide and anxiety. Read with caution. ______________________________________ Hey guys. I wanted to take time to tell you all something that has been on my mind for a while now. Recently, I finished the netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why. A show that follows a girl in highschool who killed … More You are worthy. 

Are you a parent? 

Hey guys! Today’s story is due to the fact that I spent all day today babysitting a kid. The little girl was about two years old. 😄 I just wanted to tell you how much I’m sweating from chasing this kid around daily! My current mood;  Also today is a rainy day which makes me … More Are you a parent? 

A day in my life 

Hey hey people! 🙂  I wanted to start posting some photography on my blog that represents my life! So, in that case here’s a total outline of what I was able to do  yesterday, and some photography to go along 🙂 BULLET LIST BEGINS NOW 🤓 First I had to attend two claases and those … More A day in my life 

Thrift store! 

People of the world! 😂 it’s time for a STORYTIME!! I went to the thrift store last week, and I wanted to share my quick experience with you all. 🙂 So, I had never really been to a thrift store before until I came to college, and thank god a friend here showed it to … More Thrift store! 


A great, and happy Easter to all my blogging friends 😀  I hope you feast with your family, friends, and make some great memories.  Here’s a quote for today: Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. ~S.D. Gordon  Enjoy your day my friends 😊

Morning travel 

Good afternoon all! Today, I woke up with the sun at 7:00 a.m. and started travelling to my second family being my boyfriend and his family 🙂  Of course I’d never taken the trip before… But 3 busses, a short walk, and an hour and a half later i arrived at my destination. 🌛 Who … More Morning travel